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Updated: Oct 31, 2021 is borne from a path of making a conscious choice to explore the interior of who and what I am. This STILL requires great courage and determination to consistently focus on mind, body, and spirt for a higher purpose, to be my Devine self, to be present for myself and for others.

The process has taken me from a state of knowing something just isn’t right and moving to consciously finding a place of release and acceptance, abandoning and releasing the things I am unable to control (on most days!); and telling truths to myself, the good ones and the very hard ones. To say it has been difficult is an understatement. It has required a conviction that “stepping towards” will realise an acceptance of my imperfections, bring clarity, create connectedness, remove scarcity, release anger, heal pain and trauma, bring happiness and joy, in mind, in spirit and in my body.

For each of us, how we perceive ourselves in our world, is our reality. Yes, informed, and darned together by all our experiences the ones that fill our hearts and bring immense joy but also those that bring grief, pain and the tears, and those real ugly cries.

Until recently, I considered myself a conscious observer, on the side, quiet, only sharing and showing up in a way I deemed would be acceptable to others. The surface, polite stuff despite my humour occasionally catching bad timing and finding myself on the wrong side of the laugh!

As I move forward into discovering more of my true self, I have recognized an opportunity to share my experiences (which may resonate with others) by offering support, where a space can be held in non-judgement for others, to come just as they are…

Welcome to!

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