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“I am…”

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Helga Nefdt
"I AM..."

After a late diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, professional stress, experiencing the greatest loss in my life, grief, developing depression (as a result of trauma and emotional exhaustion) and recovering, I just kept diving straight back into the autopilot of my life.

All things considered I believed I was managing pretty well…. I constantly reminded myself with gratitude, despite all, I had a full abundant life. I am a “the glass is half full” kinda girl after all!

But by the time 2016 rolled in, the voice that was just a quiet whisper of discomfort for a really long time, became a bellowing conviction that something needed to change. I needed to take a leap of faith of sorts, for my health, for my wellbeing, for my family. I also knew my life’s work would change, require a deeper meaning. I wanted to help others. I knew I was required to pay attention to my body. Although there was much at the time that felt like sitting in mud, this sense of “knowing” would become part of my journey to healing, transformation, and wellness.

Its been a slow process that has required focus emotionally, spiritually, physically and cognitively.

The path that has lead to discovery has been sometimes painful, but mostly very hopeful, positive, and transformative:

· I am in the present moment and I look forward.

· I am enough.

· I accept that life happens, and its ok to let go.

· I have learnt the importance of self-care and what that means for me.

· I have accepted my body as part of who I am, and not as separate to who I am.

· I have deepened understanding of my triggers, how my emotions, life circumstance’s, stress and support all have an influence on the management of my type2 diabetes.

· I have discovered and understood my familial predisposition to diabetes.

· I am changing the conversations I have with myself from how can I control this, why can’t I control this? To how can I manage this differently, what are my choices?

· I do the best I can…. its ok to have a bad day, a high reading, a not-so-great eating day.

· I am see the possibility that I can live with my diabetes in a different way.

· I continue to connect and listen to my body in a way that I have never done before.

· I have found practices that support me in my diabetes management.

· I am learning to share and give voice to my disease. I understand if I don’t inform and educate those that I trust and who are closest to me they are unable to support me in my journey.

· I AM GENTLE with myself emotionally and physically.

Along with my support team, I have experienced a safe space – a space of non-judgement. THIS is what we aim to be for you, our client. Why not contact me for an initial chat and see where this journey takes us.

I invite you into my safe space.

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