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Liezel Bam

Liezl Bam

I started the coaching journey as a complete sceptic. Sceptical of what I would really gain from the process. What I found was a warm, welcoming and safe environment where the only real goal was my own personal growth. I learnt how to acknowledge my own strengths, gifted to me by my own life experiences. I learnt how to find the quiet within myself in order to harness those strengths and to best apply them in various circumstances. I also learnt that vulnerability does not equal weakness, something which I had struggled with for years. I apply the practices I have learnt frequently and they have helped me face many challenges and to come through them having learnt, grown but most importantly whole.

Liezl Bam

Mom, Planning Specialist, MBA graduate

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Nadine Iqani

I had such   an incredible  experience with Helga as a life coach. When I started my sessions with her, I was  in the process of getting divorced, in the middle of Covid and lockdown level 5 and dealing with a 12 year old daughter who was going through trauma.

Helga taught me valuable lessons in life. To re look at life differently, that hardships can be a gift.  She gave me tools to get through difficult periods of time when I felt I was unable to carry on. HELGA gave me back my self worth and confidence, helped me turn my business around and reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She held space for me and I felt safe with her.

I am now divorced and happily carrying on with my life. I made it through my darkest moments and  immense changes in my life with Helga's coaching in a short span of time. Sitting with my emotions was the hardest thing to do but this is part of the healing process and we cannot bypass it.


Thank you Helga to giving me a new lease on life.

Nadine Iqani

Mom, Entrepreneur, Healer

Nashira Abrahams testimonial pic.jpg

Nashira Abrahams

I arrived not exactly sure what to expect, but hoping to at least learn something about myself.  I left with so much more than that! 

My experience with Helga was truly profound. Her genuine and warm nature created a safe, encouraging non-judgmental and supportive environment.

It wasn’t just about learning a new way of thinking, the main benefit was experiencing these teachings first hand as we went along. She has a calm and logical way about her and although challenging at times, there were many fun moments which I will never forget.

I started off by not knowing where to begin. By the time I left, I made a lifelong friend... ME!

Nashira Abrahams

Mother, Entrepreneur, Employment Law Specialist

LLM Masters in South African Labour Law and Dispute Resolution

Cindy Gibbons testimonial pic_edited.jpg

Cindy Gibbons

A Friday session with Helga has become my weekly gem, comfortably lounged and peaceful. Time to reflect,  time of self- focus, time to gain perspective and clarity. From the moment I walk into the space, I’m greeted immediately with warmth and a smile of someone who’s willing and open to see beyond what or how I may present myself.


These sessions with Helga have benefitted me in gaining a fresh perspective of my potential. We have delved deep into finding the balance between my personal and professional life, the engagement between the two and the possibility of what lies ahead. I’ve gained a brighter perspective of my past experience and the groundwork it has laid within the deep need I have always had in living my true purpose.

Cindy Gibbons

Mother, Musician, Professional singer and artist

Chleo Rae Adams testimonial pic_edited.jpg

Chleo Rae Adams

1. The notion of how one want to be received by the world and;

2. The concept of holding space and what that truly looks like.


Helga entered my life at the point where I was running 2 businesses, pregnant with my first child and my dad had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 


This was an exciting but equally difficult time for me. 


Helga gave me the tools that made navigating through this tough period somewhat easier. She helped me manage my expectations in all that I was tackling during this time and kept me in check to remain aware of what might be happening for others impacted by my dad's diagnosis and how I might impact them.


 My journey with Helga went full circle. She was there when my dad passed, when my son was born and when I lost both businesses due to the pandemic. Always there, holding space and selflessly gifting me with her time, reminding me to stay aware of how I want to be received by world. 


She's gone from being my life coach to becoming someone I hold very close to my heart. 


Thank you, Helga. You care and love fearlessly and I appreciate you and all the joy that you've brought into my life. ❤️

Chleo Rae Adams

Mom, Organisational Learning and Development Specialist

Michelle Barnard testimonial_edited.jpg

Michelle Swanepoel

Since the moment I met Helga, I just felt an instant connection. She simply “got” me. I knew that she understood what I was going through, all the challenges I’ve faced, how I am my worst enemy. Always starting off with a defeatist attitude, already have lost the “battle” with food and exercise and everything in-between.


I’ve grown up being the overweight one in the family, the “funny” one, the one who always made the jokes and was the joke. The “over-achiever” trying to makeup for what I lacked in confidence. The hurtful comments from family, and friends at school. The cringe-worthy moments as I am taken to weigh-less in primary school.


Desperately trying to come to terms with who I am and accepting love.


Fast-forward to today, a well accomplished, very loved and relatively happy but still not able to forgive myself, to love myself enough to accept who I am OR make a change for the right reasons.


Having gone through multiple IVF attempts has not made this journey easier. I’ve blamed myself for being obese and therefor perhaps the reason for our infertility. Learning only now about my PCOS when the writing was on the wall thirty years ago…


I look forward to my transition to wellness with Helga. She has a way of relating to my emotions, thoughts and feelings. I hope to learn more about myself as we take this journey together.


I trust Helga implicitly.

Michelle Swanepoel.

Communications consultant, 42

Helga Nedft
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Coaching with Helga

1 on 1  sessions may look like:

Focusing on a particular issue/matter and outcome you would like to achieve.

Deep diving into particular areas of your personal development. Feeling “stuck” and needing to process those limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.


You are invited to  connect and discuss how I may support you.

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