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Helga Nefdt

Our Leap Start Program

How can we work together?

“The Starting Point”

A 12-week coaching program which is focused on supporting you on your transition to wellness.

 We will unpack what outcomes you would like to achieve and co-create a coaching plan. Your plan will include 1on1 coaching sessions with Helga, virtual check-ins, personal training sessions with our fitness partner, nutritional assessment and our “Framework of Choice” nutrition guide.

*Depending on your location and preference, we will gladly meet you virtually or face to face. 

*Medical clearance is a prerequisite to commence! 

*We are COVID-19 compliant.

Helga Nedft
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Coaching with Helga

1 on 1  sessions may look like:

Focusing on a particular issue/matter and outcome you would like to achieve. Deep diving into particular areas of your personal development. Feeling “stuck” and needing to process those limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.


You are invited to  connect and discuss how I may support you.

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